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Community Workshop: Understanding Behaviors

Understanding Behaviors

Presented by: Emile Mulder, Ph.D.

We will discuss how behaviors help children to meet their needs. Using this knowledge, we can set goals to help change behaviors. This topic is recommended for parents and anyone who works with children.

Topics addressed include:

Functions of behaviors - Most behaviors help to meet a legitimate need. We go through the most common needs: medical, escape, attention, tangible and sensory, and discuss how we can recognize those needs.

The Three Term Contingency – We discuss how we can look at a behavior, what happened before it (Antecedent or trigger) and what happened afterwards (consequence) to give us a clue about its functions.

Context and Setting Events – Often, behaviors seem random – they happen in one situation one day and the next they don’t. Taking a broader look, and considering things like fatigue, hunger and mood can help make behaviors more predictable and less random.

Choosing replacement skills – Knowing why behaviors are happening allows us to start choosing the sorts of replacement skills that will make those behaviors unnecessary. This will lead into the following workshop – Positive Parenting Strategies, where we will discuss ways to teach these skills.


Earlier Event: September 10
The Shoreline Center Open House
Later Event: February 1
Positive Parenting Strategies